Action & Bolt Truing

Basic Action Truing

In addition to flawless barrel work, the action must be a solid performer. All action work performed by Short Action Customs is held with in .0002″ concentric to the action raceway. Our actions are held in special fixtures that greatly reduce any stress on the action during this process. The receiver face is squared, lug abutment area is trued, all sharp corners are chamfered and lastly the receiver threads are single point cut. The bolt is co-axially indicated in with all machining on the bolt face, bolt nose and bolt lugs done with one set up.



Enhanced Action Truing

In addition to the Basic Action Truing, Short Action Customs has formulated a proprietary process which allows the full potential of the factory action/bolt to be reached. The final product is an action that has full lug contact with a square bolt face before, during and after ignition. This innovative process minimizes any movement of the action/bolt before, during and after ignition which helps with accuracy. Accuracy is the same thing happening the same way shot after shot.




Remington 700


Winchester/FN SPR