Desert Tech

SAC Custom Desert Tech Barrels Available!

Did you know that Short Action Customs can build you a custom Desert Tech barrel in as little as 2 week? With most caliber and twist rates in hand, we can build your custom barrel quickly and get you back on target. Short Action Customs is the premier supplier of custom built, match grade barrels for the Desert Tech rifle system.  Short Action Customs uses Bartlein Cut Rifled, Stainless Steel, Hand Lapped precision barrels for all of our custom barrels resulting in an extremely accurate, consistent and predictable barrel. Let Short Action Customs build your next Desert Tech barrel in standard or wildcat calibers and configurations.

Short Action Customs is the exclusive owner of the 223 Remington and 300 Blackout conversion kits.  We developed these kits for Desert Tech to be truly drop in and easy to install. Please click on the links below for more information.


“Mark and Short Action Customs Team,

I want to thank you for my Desert Tech barrels. As with all the barrels you’ve done for me, both of these barrels are premier in accuracy. The finish of the bore and chamber is also excellent.

I have recorded multiple groups sub half-inch 5 shot groups (100 yards) with both the 6.5 CM barrel and even the 338 Lapua Magnum! Some groups even in the .25 range. Just today, I was able to produce two groups with the 338 LM that were just inside of an inch at 300 yards! In my first long range precision match with the Desert Tech at Rayners Range, I finished second with the 6.5 CM barrel last July and those were ranges from 200-1000 yards.

To say I am satisfied with my Desert Tech rifle is an understatement, but the barrels you made for the platform definitely took the system to a whole new level. You and your team are to be applauded for continuing such great service.

Thank you!”






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