Short Action Customs (S.A.C.) is proud to introduce the 223 Remington conversion kit for the Desert Tech weapons platform. Orders can be placed by E-mailing in our completed order form (will be a hyperlink to the form) or placing a phone order. Complete S.A.C. 223 Remington conversion kits retail for $1700.00 USD which will include shipping.  Please click on the picture below to visit our 223 Conversion Kit page for more information.

Complete kit

Please review the frequently asked questions for more information:

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Phone call orders and completed 223 order forms that are E-mailed in will be accepted.
Q: What are the acceptable forms of payment.
A: Credit card plus 3%, personal checks and money orders. No paypal or bank transfers.
Q: Will the S.A.C. 223 conversion kits be available for exportation?
A: Yes, the S.A.C. 223 conversion kits will be available for exportation in accordance with all domestic and international laws.
Q: Will this 223 conversion kit work with the 300 Blackout or other chamberings?
A: Our 223 conversion kit was designed to work with the 223 Remington case only. The 300 Blackout will most likely work with a simple modification to the standard S.A.C. magazines to allow for the larger 30 caliber bullet. 223 AI cartridges have too straight of a body to feed reliably from the magazine.
Q: What is the expected price of the conversion kit?
A: Our 223 conversion kits will have a retail price of $1700. This price includes a complete barrel, complete bolt head assembly, one magazine and 223 bolt stop.
Q: Will the 223 Conversion be available for left handed Desert Tech rifles?
A: At this time we are not making left handed 223 conversion parts.
Q: What will the conversion kit include?
A: The conversion kit will include these parts.
-Complete barrel, chambered, SAC 223 barrel extension, cut to your length with your muzzle specifications, a custom thread protector and Cerakote is standard.
-SAC 223 bolt head
-Bolt stop
-Magazine assembly.
Q: What is not included with the SAC 223 conversion kit?
A: These items are not included, but are required to have a complete rifle.
-Desert Tech SRS chassis (SRS or Covert, First Generation to A1).
-Desert Tech bolt body.
Q: Will Short Action Customs have extra Desert Tech parts in hand to make a complete rifle?
A: Yes, Short Action Customs will have chassis’ and bolt bodies in hand to make complete rifles.
Q: What are the details of your magazine assembly?
A: Our 223 conversion magazine is made from 7075 Aluminum that is CNC machined, type 3 hard coat anodized. It has a low friction Delrin follower and has a 10 round capacity.
Q: How long does it take to make a 223 conversion kit?
A: Since each conversion kit is made for each customer, there is a 2-6 week time frame. Extra services like fluting can add time.
Q: Will these barrels have any accuracy guarantee?
A: Yes, these barrels will have our 1/2 MOA guarantee accuracy with match ammo.
Q: What configurations can I get these barrels in?
A: Short Action Customs will be offering these barrel configurations.
-Customers choice of either a short freebore varmint style 223 Remington chamber, or longer freebore long range 223 Remington chamber.
-Customers choice of barrel length between 16.25″ and 28″.
-Customers choice of muzzle specifications. M40 style crown, 1/2 x 28, 5/8 x 24, and 3/4 x 24 threads. Other threads available.
-Customers choice of a customer thread protector or muzzle brake install. Muzzle brake install is additional.
-Customers choice of Cerakote Color.
Q: Who makes the barrel blanks and what are the specifications on the barrels?
A: Bartlein Barrels currently makes all of our Desert Tech barrel blanks. These barrels are hand lapped, cut rifled, stainless steel.
Q: Will individual parts be available for sale, for example extra bolt heads or magazines?
A: Yes, retail pricing is available for additional or spare parts.

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