Our innovative tactical bolt knob conversions are the strongest and best looking in the industry. No welding, heat treating, or re-finishing required–just a clean, professional installation of your bolt knob. Thinking outside the box, we designed special fixtures to turn the bolt in a lathe and cut the old bolt knob off and make it into a threaded shaft for the new bolt knob. This lets us center the shaft on the bolt handle for perfect bolt knob alignment.

What are the benefits of getting a Short Action Customs Bolt Knob Conversion?

  • Increased leverage on the bolt handle for opening and closing the bolt.
  • Increases size of the bolt knob for better purchase on the bolt.
  • Ability to customize the shape, size and features of your bolt knob.
  • Increased clearance between the bolt knob and scope tube compared to the factory knob.


Kampfeld Custom bolt knobs
We are currently using Kampfeld Custom bolt knobs which are hard anodized aluminum. The “tactical” knob is extremely similar to the Badger Ordnance in feel, however allows for a cleaner install and is available in multiple configurations. These bolt knobs can be installed on the following factory actions:

  • Remington 700 series
  • FN and Winchester series
  • Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard series

From largest to smallest: (Please click on the following links to view photos of the different bolt knobs)

All prices include:

  • Supplying the bolt knob of your choice
  • Performing the conversion
  • Shipping back to the customer

Remington… $125
Due to the Remington manufacturing process, cavities are often present inside the handle. The standard bolt knob conversion can greatly weaken the transition from handle to bolt knob. For Remington 700 bolts, we drill out the center of the shaft and the handle, tap the hole for 10/32, and insert a hardened steel screw re-enforced with Loc-tite 271 and then face off for a clean finish. This strengthens the joint from the handle to shaft that other conversions can fail under normal conditions; that is Short Action Customs, LLC innovation!

FN/Winchester… $125
For hardened FN/Winchester bolt handles, our conversion process is a must–especially when trying to get proper clearance between bolt knob and scope. We receive many FN/Winchester handles that have had “half” of a conversion attempted. While we prefer to do the conversion from start to finish, we can clean up and fix other attempted conversions. Usually we can perform this conversion perfectly with almost no step from the handle to the bolt knob, but due to the inconsistencies in the FN/Winchester handles not every conversion can be performed this perfectly.

We have special fixtures for…

  • Remington 700 Long and Short action Right Hand Bolts.
  • FN/Winchester Pre-64 and Post-64 Long and Short action right hand bolt.
  • Howa 1500
  • Ruger Mk 77/22
  • Certain custom actions

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