FN/Winchester Bolt Knob Conversions

Winchester Model 70 and FN SPR bolt knob conversion


The factory Winchester Model 70 and FN SPR rifles are great. The Short Action Customs bolt knob conversion makes them even better.  Our innovative tactical bolt knob conversions are the strongest and best looking in the industry. No welding, heat treating, or re-finishing required–just a clean, professional installation of your bolt knob. Shooters can expect these benefits from our bolt knob conversion.

  • Ease of bolt lift
  • Ease of bolt close
  • Increased clearance from scope and bolt knob
  • Additional grip on the bolt knob
  • Plenty of clearance for trigger finger to be straight and off the trigger
  • Custom look

For most Winchester Model 70 and FN SPR rifles, we use our TacticalHunter, or Campfire bolt knob. Other bolt knobs may work, we offer this service only with our bolt knobs to keep the installation clean and predictable.

Attention: Short Action Customs is not accepting Left Handed bolt knob conversions.


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