Short Action Customs is now stocking and offering the American Rifle Company Mausingfield action. The Mausingfield action is extremely well made and highly refined, most customers ask us if we believe it is worth the extra cost.  Our answer is simple, yes it is!  The main benefits of this action is the superior engineering and execution that went into it. Not one stone was left unturned and every detail has been thoroughly considered. From the scope base system to the toroidal bolt lugs, this action is in a league of its own.  Here are the features of this action.

Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA
Interchangeable bolt heads support multi-caliber rifles
Toroidal bolt lugs do not require lapping
Battle-proven Mauser 98 claw extractor
Battle-proven M1903 Springfield inertial ejector
Secure and interchangeable interlocking rail interface
Ergonomically designed bolt knob
Compatible with Alpha and Accuracy International CS magazines
Compatible with Savage barrels and locknuts
Compatible with Rem 700 triggers, trigger guards, chassis1, and stocks2
Integral recoil lug
Aerospace grade materials used throughout

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