Short Action Customs uses the Salt Bath Nitride process on bolts, actions and occasionally on barrels to increase lubricity between moving parts, reduce dimensional wear between moving parts, prevent galling and as a secondary finish. While barrels can benefit from the Salt Bath Nitride process with reduced fouling of the bore, increased velocity and extended barrel life, we typically do not recommend it on precision rifle barrels. This is mainly due to the fact that we are taking a precision component which is a finished product, then sending it to a third parts. It is impossible for Short Action Customs to guarantee the accuracy of the barrel after it goes through the Salt Bath Nitride process.

At Short Action Customs, we will often Cerakote over top of action and bolts that have been Salt Bath Nitrided. We will typically leave the action raceway and bolt body with a Nitrided finish and then Cerakote the remaining areas for all the cosmetic benefits of Cerakote.  This is a proprietary technique pioneered by Short Action Customs.

We encourage the customer to do their own research on the Salt Bath Nitride process of barrels and metal components before choosing this service. Short Action Customs prefers to break the barrel in prior to the Salt Bath Nitride process and will require a deep cleaning after the process.  Please review these points before considering Salt Bath Nitride.

  • Short Action Customs 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee does not apply to barrels which have been Salt Bath Nitrided.
  • Internal hardness on some materials/heat treat may be reduced internally by a few points.
  • Sharp edges like barrel shoulders may not accept color correctly and may not be seamless to a muzzle brake after Salt Bath Nitriding.
  • Parts which have gone through this process may have blast media or a light film, cleaning may be required.
  • Short Action Customs is not responsible for any damaged parts received back from Salt Bath Nitride.



  1. Action and Bolt…$150
  2. Bolt Assembly…$75
  3. Complete Rifle…$250
  4. Single barrel…$150 (Not including the cost of ammunition for barrel break in).


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