Shooters, Here is a quick video with some simple instructions on how to install your SAC 223 Remington Conversion Kit for your Desert Tech Chassis.

  • Ensure the rifle is unloaded.
  • Remove the barrel from the chassis.
  • Remove the bolt from the chassis.
  • Remove the magazine from the chassis.
  • Disassemble your Desert Tech bolt and remove the bolt head, firing pin and cross pin. These items will not be used for the 223 Remington conversion.
  • Install your SAC 223 barrel into your chassis and line up the indexing lug on the barrel extension and the chassis.
  • Note: There is no need and no provision for the locking cam located on the side of your chassis. The 223 barrel will not move in the chassis.
  • Install the SAC 223 bolt head assembly, ensure the extractor is on the same side as the bolt handle.
  • Install the SAC factory replacement cross pin, gently tap into place. Note: A design feature of the ejector spring is to retain the factory replacement cross pin. This is why it has to be tapped into place.
  • Drop the SAC firing pin in the back of the bolt and into the SAC 223 bolt head.
  • Reinstall the Desert Tech firing pin spring, cocking mechanism, bolt sleeve and locking cap.
  • Install bolt into chassis, ensuring that the bolt easily inserts into the 223 extension and locks with out any pressure.
  • Install 223 bolt stop and magazine.


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