Shipping Instructions

Shipping a rifle to Short Action Customs, LLC can be done easily by following these simple guidelines.

1. The shipper does not need to send his/her firearm through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder unless Short Action Customs, LLC is permanently taking possession of the firearm. The customer may ship directly to Short Action Customs, LLC and Short Action Customs, LLC can ship the firearm directly back to the customer.

2. The shipper can use any carrier they wish. We prefer Fed Ex for a few reasons. (1) the customer can schedule a pick up at their home, print a shipping label and pay for the shipping all from their home. Fed Ex’s website is easy to use and free to sign up. Please insure your firearm and use quality shipping components. We see all kinds of damage from improper shipping methods.

3. The shipper is responsible for including their correct contact information provided below. We receive packages all the time with no contact information, in addition it’s typically shipped from a UPS store with no usable information on the box.

Contact’s full name.
Contacts current shipping address.
Contacts phone number and email address.

4. Payments can be included with the shipments. We prefer check or money orders, credit cards can be processed with the addition of a 3% fee.

5. If the customer needs a shipping box, we can provide a very high quality box of our design for $40. This box uses a inner/outer box design for ultimate protection. Inside the box we have our custom cut, high density foam to protect and stabilize the rifle during shipping. This is the best shipping box we have seen and used.

6. The customer is responsible for return shipment costs.