Bravo Barrel Vise – Full Kit (For Gunsmith Kit)

Includes: Bravo Vise, ARCA mounting base, and 5 different bushings (.865”-.870”, .925”-.930”, 1.000”, 1.200”, 1.250”)

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The Bravo Barrel Vise is based off of the same bushing design as our highly successful “Modular Barrel Vise”, the “Bravo” utilizes a simple 2 bolt design to clamp the top and bottom together. This clamping system greatly reduces the amount of machine time, materials, and complexity of the assembly.  In turn this allows us to greatly reduce the price WITHOUT sacrificing any material or design quality.

Made from high strength 7075 Aluminum, we CNC machine all the parts for an amazing fit and finish.  Supplied with the “Bravo” are two alloy steel 1/2″ x 13 cap head screws 3.25″ long, Grade 8 washers and Grade 9, extreme strength 1/2″ x 13 Nuts. The supplied cap head screws can be used to secure the top and bottom together, or the end user can purchase Two hex bolts, insert them from the bottom, and use the washers and nuts on the top.

The “Bravo” uses the same readily available barrel bushings as the “Modular Barrel Vise” .  When using the appropriate bushing and the supplied non-adhesive drywall tape, you can clamp onto finished or painted barrels with out leaving any handling marks or defects.

Just like all Short Action Customs products that are made in-house, the “Bravo” has a 100% lifetime warranty against any defects or failures due to manufacturing or material failure.

100% Made In the USA

All of our barrel vises use commonly found “Drywall Joint Tape” to protect the barrel’s finish and help grip the barrel. Drywall Joint Tape can be found here.


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Weight 75 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in
Barrel Vise

Modular, Bravo


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