Desert Tech .223/.300 Blackout Conversions

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Short Action Customs 223 Remington Conversion Kit

Desert Tech owners can now enjoy all of the benefits of shooting 223 Remington and 300 Blackout in their Desert Tech SRS and Covert Chassis Systems. Short Action Customs currently has production going, in house, on parts for the 223 Remington conversion kits.

 Note: Do not use the Desert Tech Chassis Locking Cam on the 223 Conversion Kit barrels. There is no locking detail cut into the barrel as it is not needed with the 223 Remington.

SAC 223 Remington Conversion Kit includes:

  • SAC 223 bolt head assembly with ejector and extractor assembly

  • SAC 223 firing pin

  • SAC 223 10 round magazine – will use Cerakote to match the barrel

  • SAC 223 Bolt Stop

  • SAC 223 Bartlein barrel with customers specifications

The LH kits start at $1750.

The RH kits start at $1700.

Additional mags can be purchased for $135.

DT bolt assemblies are $335 each and can also be purchased separately.



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