Expander Mandrels – 22 Cal. Cartridges

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Expander Mandrels are only compatible with SAC Dies.
NOTE: If you are not currently using a SAC Expander Mandrel in your die, you will need to purchase a 6mm ER11 Collet.
Expander Mandrel Size:
NOTE: If you do not currently have a 6mm ER11 Collet installed in your die, you will need to purchase one!


Expander Mandrels

Precision Ground, Hardened A2 Tool Steel, Black Nitrided, available in .0005” Increments … What’s not to love?

Our new Expander Mandrels easily install into the Precision Resizing Die, “The” Sizing Die, or by simply converting “The” Seating Die into an “Universal Expanding Die”. Simply install the appropriate ER11 collet into your die’s “Knurled ER Top Cap”, drop the Expander Mandrel in the top of the die and tighten it down, you’re ready to expand your necks in the same operation as sizing the body and necks.

Our Expander Mandrel is unique because it expands the necks of your brass on the “down stroke” instead of the “up stroke” of your press. Furthermore, the precision ground expanding detail is high up in the die, slightly below the cartridge’s neck/shoulder detail. The benefit is that as the cartridge is pulled out of the die, the cartridge neck transitions from the neck bushing to the expander mandrel right away. This 1). ensures a seamless transfer of the cartridge neck from the Neck Sizing Bushing to the Expander Mandrel. 2). Expanding is more consistent because the brass starts off perfectly centered in the die and is immediately expanded as the brass is drawn out of the die body. This is ideal, where expanding on the “up stroke” puts all the stress and pressure on an unsupported case/neck.

All of our Expander Mandrels are rough turned then through hardened, next they are precision OD Ground for the full length ensuring that all of the outside detail is concentric and ground in the same operation. Lastly, they are Black Nitrided to increase the surface hardness in the 70-80 HRC range.

6BRA SAC Sizing Die Assembly with Expander.jpg

What is needed to start using the Short Action Customs Expander Mandrels?

  • One of the Short Action Customs Precision Resizing Die, “The” Sizing Die, “The” Seating Die

  • Appropriate ER11 collet to hold the Expander Mandrel. *** Expander Mandrels typically use a different ER11 Collet than a Solid Decapping Pin***

  • Only ONE ER11 collet is needed for each caliber range. For example, you would only need to purchase one ER11 1/4” Collet in order to hold any 6mm Expander Mandrel


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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