Modular Action Wrench – Body Only


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Modular Action Wrench Body Only

**DO NOT use SAC action wrench head without proper SAC bumpers**

Please make sure you look over the diagram, It will help you understand how the bumper goes on and that Bumper Nut Must Be Used At All Time.

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Wrench Body:

After extensive torture testing we manufactured our wrench bodies out of 4140 Alloy Steel with a super hard heat treat and protected with a Black Oxide finish. With our unique modified 3/8″ square drive interface is tool-less and offers super quick wrench head changes. On the back end, we have a standard 5/8″ Hex to work with any standard 6 point or 12 point socket. With a nominal .685″ body diameter, it works with a large array of actions from Howa 1500’s, Tikka T3’s to the Surgeon XL magnum action.


 At Short Action Customs, we are only concerned with making the best products. Our Modular Action Wrench comes with a lifetime guarantee against any manufactured defects and has a 100% lifetime replacement for any broken parts. We have thoroughly tested the wrench bodies and they are capable of handling impressive torque values, however we guarantee our parts to handle 150 Ft Lbs of torque. Torquing above 150 Ft Lbs will void your warranty on the wrench body and the wrench heads. The wrench heads are softer than most actions, they will get normal wear and tear, however if any break or crack, we will replace them at no charge.

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