Modular Action Wrench – Head Only


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Modular Action Wrench Heads

**DO NOT use SAC action wrench head without proper SAC bumpers.  Bumpers are only available with the Modular Action Wrench Kit**

Model Specific Wrench Heads for your Modular Action Wrench

Our Modular Action Wrench Heads are designed to precisely fit your action to ensure proper torque and to protect your action from any damage. Made from 4140 Alloy Steel and heat treated to HRC 32 with a black nitride finish. With a low cost, the action wrench heads are quick and tool-less allowing the end user to have one tool that can work on most actions, with out compromise.
Actions that do not utilize a counterbore on the barrel face will come with a short front bumper to properly locate it in the action.

Simply select the appropriate model number for the action you wish to use. If you do not see your action listed, please contact us, we are always developing new action wrench heads and some actions may work with certain models. We will update the list.

*** Indicates Right Hand Configuration Only

Model 1: Remington 700 actions, Defiance Deviant/Ruckus/Rebel actions ( Dose not if Defiance Elite), Impact 737 actions, Bergara B14, Lone Peak Fuzion.

Model 2: Winchester M70, FN SPR actions, Springfield 1903 ***

Model 3: American Rifle Company Mausingfield actions ***

Model 4: BAT Machine TR and similar actions

Model 5: Tikka T3 actions

Model 6: Howa 1500 actions ***, Borden actions, Kelbly’s actions and Savage® Actions

Model 7: Bighorn TL, SR, and Origin actions, ejector must be removed. Gunwerks GLR Left and Right, Savage Small Shank.

Model 8: American Rifle Company Nucleus/Archimedes actions

Model 9: Curtis Custom actions only, will no work with Terminus actions

Model 10: Defiance Elite, Pierce actions, Tuebor Raider

Model 11: Defiance .750″ diameter bolts, Surgeon XL

Model 12: Sako A7

Model 13: Surgeon 591

Model 14: Terminus actions, will work with Curtis Customs

Model 15: Sako TRG actions

Model 20: McMillan TAC50 actions


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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