SAC Neck Sizing Bushings

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With universal outside dimensions of .500″ diameter by .375″ height, these bushings can be used in MOST resizing dies.  For Example they will work in the following dies.

  • RCBS
  • Whidden
  • Harrells
  • Redding
  • Hornady
  • LE Wilson

These will not work in our Modular Sizing Dies or Forster® dies. Contact us if you have questions.

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Neck Sizing Bushings

Universal outside dimensions of .500″ diameter by .375″ height, these bushings can be used in MOST resizing dies.  These will not work with SAC Modular Sizing dies

Our neck resizing bushings have minimized neck runout in cartridge brass in nearly every die we have used them in. After attempting to eliminate and reduce neck runout in our sized brass using various commercially available neck bushings, we realized that every neck bushing has the same flaw, a straight, undersized hole when compared to the brass.

Think about trying to push a thin walled straight tube into an undersized straight hole, how can we expect our brass necks to magically be free of runout. Our new bushings address the inherent flaws with this system with all new internal bushing geometry designed to reduce neck runout while increasing loaded cartridge concentricity in the chamber.

Made from 17-4  stainless steel, then processed with the same black nitriding as our Precision Resizing Dies. Our neck bushings have an incredibly smooth inside finish paired with an extremely slick external finish from nitriding and polishing.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in

11 reviews for SAC Neck Sizing Bushings

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    The answer to reduced run out with redding s dies. Keeps cases very concentric compared to stock redding bushings. Can’t wait for the .244 and the .307 sizes to come in stock to start enjoying better results with my other calibers.

  2. Caleb Martínez (verified owner)

    (The fix ) for neck run out, went from my worst case .004 to .0005 and my best case .0005 to .0002 or so they just work, at last for me, I no longer spend any dime in any other brand of neck bushings!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Just purchased the 263 bushing for my ppc and checked 20 or so cases out of a 100 and none had runout over .001. Most were at or under .0005 which is a significant improvement over my redding titanium nitride which gave me 1-2 thou on average…will it show up on the target at 1-300yds is hard to say, but it is good to know that variable is out of the equation! This bushing sizes a smaller portion of the neck as compared to my redding which is perfect for the 68gr BT that I shoot. I am running a JLC precision die (sorry SAC I didn’t know about yours before and this die matches my reamer perfectly) and it has purposeful space for the bushing to float a bit already. Excellent product and results!

  4. Jerrod Bier

    While I’m not new to relaxing. i am new to precision reloading with bushing dies and such. With my competition Redding dies and their bushings runout was .005 and up. I ordered some SAC bushings in the advice of Bolt Action tRelosding on UTube! My runout all but disappeared Chrono numbers improved and groups tightened. i would also like to add fast shipping and great staff! They answered all my questions fast and accurate. Great product – take. My word they are worth. Their weight in gold!

  5. Corey (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product. My runout with my Redding Type S die is running about .0005” now versus the .002” to .003” I was seeing with the Redding titanium bushing. This purchase is a no brainer. Thank you!

  6. Scott Wills (verified owner)

    Fantastic bushings! I am finding that the runout that was fairly common when I used Redding bushings, is near non-existent with these. I have sold all my other bushings and cannot see where I will ever switch from these. They are just too well made.

  7. Scott Wills (verified owner)

    I am finding that the runout that was all to common with Redding bushings, is near non-exist and with the SAC ones. Just very well made.

  8. Scott Wills (verified owner)

    These bushings are just great! They create little to no run out. I have abandoned all my other bushings in favor of these.

  9. Steve (verified owner)

    Was having trouble with extreme spread on my 300prc using Redding bushing….tried these and everything tightened right up.

  10. Chad Porter (verified owner)

    Great products with highest level of craftsmanship! This company goes out of its way for customer service, can’t recommend them enough.

  11. Jonathan Goodman (verified owner)

    I am using these in a Redding type S resizing die. Redding and RCBS bushings in my die almost always caused 0.004″ +/- 0.002″ of runout. These bushings are smoother so the amount of lube on the necks doesn’t seem to be as critical. They don’t leave as severe of drag marks on the necks, if any at all. My runout thus far has gone down to an average of 0.001″ and the most I have seen was 0.002″ on just a few cases.

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