Action and Bolt Truing

The team at Short Action Customs is really excited and proud to offer complete action and bolt truing services.

What is action and bolt truing?

It is taking a reference point on the action (bolt raceway) and bolt (length of the bolt body) and cutting all of the critical surfaces on the respected part to the reference point.  This is all done on our Haas CNC lathe with single point cutting tools.  What we accomplish is clean, concentric and perpendicular surfaces that are extremely accurate.

What is not action and bolt truing?

Cutting the action with a tap or a reamer. Taps and reamers will never cut out any concentricity or perpendicular issues and will always be guided by the existing hole just like a drill bit.  So just because the metal looks to be cut, nothing has been trued up.

Does my action and bolt need to be trued?

 Yes, in order for Short Action Customs to guarantee the accuracy of a rifle, we have to start with the correct foundation for precision, the action.  If the action and bolt are not properly trued up, there is no way to guarantee the accuracy. We are in the business of building the most accurate rifles possible, and having the action and bolt trued is a part of this.
All of our Remington 700 actions are opened up to 1.080 x 16 TPI in order to properly remove all of the runout in the threads.  From action to action, our headspace and thread pitch diameter is extremely consistent.

Can I use my factory barrel once my action is trued? 

No.  This is because the action threads on a Remington 700 get opened up to 1.080″ x 16TPI while the barrel stays 1.0625″ x 16TPI. This renders the factory barrel useless for a trued action.

Some actions will not be able to have the threads recut. 

Listed below are the actions that will only have the action face and lug abutments recut on the action. Price for this service is $200.00
  • Sako TRG
  • Tikka T3
  • Sako M591
  • Weatherby Mark V


We are currently truing these actions and bolts:
  • Remington 700
  • Winchester M70
  • FN SPR
  • Howa 1500
  • Weatherby Vanguard

Price for Action and Bolt truing is $250.00.  Our currently Action and bolt services lead times are 4-12 weeks

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