Short Action Customs Desert Tech Custom Barrels

We create the most accurate barrels by starting with a cut rifled, hand lapped Bartlein barrel, then give you the power to choose your chamber dimensions, barrel length and muzzle specifications.

What do our customers gain by choosing a Short Action Customs Desert Tech upgrade barrel? Barrel to barrel consistency and performance unparalleled by any factory barrel. By using a Bartlein cut rifled, hand lapped stainless steel barrel combined with our extremely straight chambers and super clean machine work, we can guarantee the performance of our barrels.

Short Action Customs/DT barrels start at $1600 which includes the following:

  • New Desert Tech barrel extension

  • Bartlein barrel blank with our DT contour

  • Chambering the barrel to your specifications and fitting the barrel extension

  • Cutting the locking lug recess for the chassis (Not applicable for our 223 Conversion kits)

  • Cutting the barrel to length, crowning and thread to your specifications

  • Supplying and installing a custom thread protector When thread pitch allows and when not using a muzzle device.  (Current thread protector offerings 1/2 x 28″, 5/8 x 24″, 3/4 x 24″

  • Cerakoting barrel to customers specifications with our Tier 1 Cerakote options

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