Short Action Customs: Desert Tech Upgrade Barrels!

Why do we make barrels for Desert Tech rifle system? Because believe in giving our customers the best products available.

We create the most accurate barrels by starting with a cut rifled, hand lapped Bartlein barrel, then give you the power to choose your chamber dimensions, barrel length and muzzle specifications.

What do our customers gain by choosing a Short Action Customs Desert Tech upgrade barrel? Barrel to barrel consistency and performance unparalleled by any factory barrel. By using a Bartlein cut rifled, hand lapped stainless steel barrel combined with our extremely straight chambers and super clean machine work, we can guarantee the performance of our barrels.

Short Action Customs/DT barrels start at $1500 which includes:

  • Supplying a new Desert Tech barrel extension

  • Supplying a new Bartlein barrel blank with our DT contour

  • Chambering the barrel to your specifications, fitting the barrel extension

  • Cutting the locking lug recess for the chassis

  • Cutting the barrel to length, crowning and thread to your specifications

  • Supplying and installing a custom thread protector when not using a muzzle brake

  • Cerakoting barrel to customers specifications

Additional options include:

Straight – $175

Diamond – $175

Spiral – $175

Triple D – $175

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