Embedded Front Rail Installation

Short Action Customs takes the installation of an Embedded Front Rail very seriously.
We know that expensive clip on Night Vision Devices (NVD’s) need a strong mounting foundation for secure and repeatable mounting. We start by locating the centerline of the barrel, not necessarily the barrel channel then we mill out the lower EFR half. We then test fit and ensure proper clearance and function before we
bed with Devcon® Steel putty the EFR assembly into barrel channel.  Some larger barrels require special profiling to allow for the proper clearance inside of the EFR. This will be an additional charge.  Most EFR rails are limited to M24 / M40 Contour barrels.
Stocks with smaller forends require the Light Rifle EFR from Badger Ordnance.


Price for EFR Install is $175.00

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