Factory Bolt Knob Converisons

Our innovative bolt knob conversion provides the shooter with more leverage on extracting/cocking, manipulating the bolt and increasing clearance between the shooters hand and rifle optic. We are currently offering conversions with Kampfeld Custom bolt knobs and will not perform conversions with other bolt knobs.

Campfire: 1.220” Long, .08” Diameter

Tactical:  Available Small, Medium Large

Hunter: 1.455” Long, .08” Diameter

Knurled: Available Small, Medium Large

Tactical: 1.6” Long, 1” Diameter

Grooved: Available Small, Medium Large

Short Action Customs is offering our Bolt Knob Conversion on these factory rifles. Available in Right Hand configuration only.
  • Remington 700

  • Winchester M70


  • Kimber centerfire rifles

  • Howa 1500 rifles with solid bolt knobs, hollow bolt knobs will not work.

  • Weatherby Vanguard Rifles
  • Howa Mini actions

  • Ruger 77/22 rimfire rifles

Unfortunately Short Action Customs does not offer bolt knob conversions on these rifles.

  • Savage centerfire and rimfire rifles

  • Ruger centerfire rifles

  • CZ centerfire and rimfire rifles

Price for our bolt knob conversion service is $140 plus shipping 

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