One of the most important contributors to accuracy is the ignition system.

By properly guiding the firing pin tip we can promote consistent ignition by ensuring that the firing pin tip is properly supported and guided through it’s total travel. We have proven that properly guiding the firing pin will decrease lock time of the ignition system which can contribute to increased accuracy and Precision. Lastly, by guiding the firing pin we can also convert large firing pins into small firing pins for use on small primers. We truly believe that ever factory rifle can and will benefit from this service.

Short Action Customs will need your complete bolt assembly. Customers can expect around a .003″ clearance between the firing pin tip O.D. and the guide I.D.There is no change in headspace. Here what is included.

  • Bolt’s firing pin channel is properly guided, ensuring the firing pin is always fully engaged in the bolt face.

  • Firing pin is CNC turned and radiused to maintain strength and durability.

  • Firing pin is deburred, properly lubricated and reinstalled.

  • Bolt shroud is cleaned, lubricated.

  • Cocking piece is cleaned, installed and proper cross pin fit is achieved.

  • Also, the bolt may need to be refinished with Cerakote. Short Action Customs can do this at no charge.

Actions that can have the firing pin guided

  • Remington 700

  • Winchester M70 / FN SPR

  • Surgeon 591 and RSR

  • Defiance Machine

  • Pacific Tool and Gauge Bolts

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