M16 Extractor Install

M16 extractor installation offers more reliable and more powerful extraction.  Short Action Customs permanently converts the factory Remington 700 bolt nose into a solid bolt nose to make the extraction/ejection process smoother and prevents any debris buildup on the bolt nose. The M16 extractor installation is a very flexible process. It can allow us to take a standard bolt face and turn it into a magnum bolt face. We unfortunately do not go from a magnum bolt face to a small bolt face. This allows customers more flexibility when configuring their rifle build.
***Special note*** Magnum caliber Remington 700 rifles may need the bolt nose counterbore opened up in order to have proper clearance for the M16 extractor to advance over the cartridge head.  Refinishing of your bolt is included in the price of the M16 Extractor install.  We must know the cartridge you are shooting to perform this service.


Price for our M16 Extractor install is $200.00 plus shipping.  Our current Action and bolt services lead time is 4-12 weeks. 

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