Skim Bedding Services

The purpose of skim bedding a rifle is to hold the rifle firmly into the stock and allow it to return to the same point of impact shot after shot.

At Short Action Customs, we take pride in our Bedding services as it is the art of rifle building. We use super strong Devcon® Steel Putty, that gives us a clean and very functional foundation.

We define skim bedding as any bedding that does not require the installation of aluminum pillars. Aluminum rifle chassis, Manner’s® Mini Chassis stocks, Foundation® stocks, other stocks with an aluminum bedding block, or stocks that come with preinstalled pillars of the proper length. Otherwise, the finished product is exactly the same as our renowned pillar bedding. We reserve the right to determine if preinstalled pillars are of the proper length, as we often have to remove and install custom cut pillars on these stocks as they do not meet our standards

Here are some of the additional skim bedding services we offer for rifle builds
  • Skim Bed Chassis System  $150.00 (MPA, KRG, and MDT chassis)
  • Skim Bed Rifle Stock $250.00  (We mostly skim bed AG composite® stocks and Foundation® stocks)
  • Skim Bed rear tang $75.00
  • Skim Bed Scope Rail $75.00

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