Custom Thread Protectors


Our Custom Thread Protectors are hands down the best in the industry.

Not only do they protect the muzzle face and barrel thread shoulder, but also look extremely clean!  All Custom Thread Protectors must be machined during the time of barrel threading. Custom Thread Protectors are available in 3 configurations.

  • Partially Knurled, used with barrels getting refinished when the thread protector gets blended into the O.D. of the barrel.

  • Fully Knurled, used with Melonited barrels, factory barrels, or barrels with a blended muzzle brake.
  • Smooth, used when the customer wants the appearance of a heavy recessed crown but has a threaded muzzle.

  • Only available in 1/2 x 28″ , 5/8 x 24, and 3/4 x 24″ Thread Pitch
  • Price is $75.00 plus muzzle threading cost
Current lead times on muzzle work including thread protectors is 4-16 weeks

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